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Curry Risotto Omurice from Shokugeki no Soma

Have you every accidentally spilled curry spices into your eyes?





I’ve had a very eventful Sunday. I wanted to try making this dish because I couldn’t find a suitable recipe already online, so I decided to invent one. Let me tell you, that was no mean feat. I’ve only made risotto once before, last week for dinner, and risotto is kind of tricky to get right. There’s a lot of stirring involved and many taste-tests to make sure your rice is getting soft. The good news is that now I can justify my obsession with ice cream because of how many calories I worked off just by stirring the damn rice for so long.

The other TWO reasons this dish was hard to make were that 1) I hate eggs and have never made an omelette before and 2) I’ve never made curry from scratch before, which I knew I had to do or risk being a facsimile of a sham, living in Soma’s looming shadow. The challenge was, after all, about creating the finest curry dish imaginable. Nonetheless, I have certainly accomplished a delicious dish, and I even managed to follow the hints dropped in the anime to make it as authentic as possible! 🙂 Yay authenticity! (It only cost me about $60 to buy all the spices and other ingredients required. Hue hue, boo T_T goodbye money, rip my bank account)

Without further ado, read on to learn how to craft this magnificent dish!!!


 The Ingredients

For the Curry Spice:

  1. 2 tbs whole cloves

  2. 2 tbs whole cumin

  3. 2 tbs cardamom pods

  4. 2 tbs ground mustard

  5. 2 tbs ground turmeric

  6. 1 tsp cayenne pepper

For the Mango Chutney:

  1. oil

  2. pinch of pepper flakes

  3. 4 mangos (4 pounds)

  4. 1 red onion, diced.

  5. 4 oz apple cider vinegar

  6. 8 oz pineapple juice

  7. 1/4 cup minced ginger

  8. 1/4 cup brown sugar

  9. 1 1/2 tbs ground curry spice

For Risotto/ Omelette:

  1. 1 lb. ground beef

  2. one onion, diced

  3. salt, pepper

  4. 1 tbs. curry spice

  5. 1 cup Arborio rice

  6. 2 tsp. chicken bouillon paste

  7. 2 tsp. beef bouillon paste

  8. 4 1/2 cups water

  9. 2 eggs per omelette

For Sauce:

  1. 2 tbs oyster sauce

  2. 1 tbs honey


To Make:

Where to start? At the very beginning! With our curry spice mixture. Dump everything in an airtight container and shake up. All ingredients follow the exact ones Soma used, with a few, like turmeric and mustard serving as a standard curry spice base.

Then, tip about half of the mixture back out into either: A spice grinder, a mortar, or a food processor. Grind with whichever device suits you best. I chose to use a mortar and pestle, because I was too lazy to get out my food processor. I found that grinding up the cardamom pods took too much effort, so if you choose to mortar and pestle them, crack them open and dump out the seeds, then discard the pod. Grind away as normal until the spices are a fine powder.

Next, prepare your mangoes and onion for the chutney. As Soma explained, the Mango Chutney is the key element of the dish that ties all of the spices together. Start by chopping the red onion into bits. Set aside into a bowl, and work on peeling and roughly chopping the mango. The picture below shows only one out of the four mangoes.


Heat some oil in the bottom of a pan over medium high heat and lightly toast the chili flakes in the oil, like 10 seconds. Don’t let burn! Mix in the red onion and let cook until onion softens.

Toss in the ginger paste, and let cook for a minute or two. Then, add in the mango chunks and let cook two minutes.

Add in the vinegar, juice, brown sugar, and 1 and 1/2 tbs of the ground curry spice mix. Stir through and let simmer over med-low heat for about thirty minutes, stirring occasionally.

Once completely cooked, the mango should fall apart. I wanted my chutney to be smooth, so I alternately mashed the mango and blended it in a blender to take out the last few chunks. Once smooth and done cooking down, turn heat off and set aside.


Now we’re ready for the risotto! Start by making the stock. Add the water and bouillon base to a pot and stir together. Soma makes his with chicken bones and beef tendon but honestly, I don’t have time for that. Making stock is easy, but it takes a lot of time, so I cheated slightly here. Bring to a light simmer and keep over low heat until we need it for the rice.


Next, chop up the onion and then  brown beef and onions together in a heated skillet, until onions become translucent and beef is browned. Season with salt, pepper, and another tablespoon of curry spice.

Make sure heat is at medium, and then add in 1 cup of Arborio rice. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Risotto is made SPECIFICALLY with this type of rice, you can’t use any other kind. It is an Italian brand that contains more starch, so when you agitate it a lot, the starch comes out to make your resulting dish very creamy. Stir this through, and let cook for one minute or so. Do not let the rice toast or burn.


Then, measure out a cup and a half of the mango chutney and stir that through the mixture. Stir rice consistently, and allow the rice to soak up liquid until the mixture seems a little dry, about 1-2 minutes. Then, add in about two cups of the stock.

Stir your risotto consistently, don’t walk away from the pan. Keep stirring until all liquid is absorbed, around 5 minutes. Add more liquid, a ladle-full at a time, and stir in between additions so that rice can absorb the liquid fully (about 5 minutes of stirring, then more stock, then more stirring, etc). Keep repeating this step until all liquid has been incorporated or until rice is tender. This should take you about 35-40 minutes. Risotto will be nice and creamy when completed. (I switched to a pot with a smaller surface area for easier stirring). Finish off with a pat of butter, if desired, stir through, and turn the heat off.

Next, prepare yourself for the omelette! We’re almost done! Mix the oyster sauce and honey together in a plastic bag for easy application.


Whisk up two eggs and season with salt. Heat a skillet over med heat and grease with a little bit of oil or butter. Pour the eggs into the pan and circle them around so they cover the surface of the pan.


Allow to cook until egg on the top no longer moves when you tilt the pan. Spoon out a helping of the curry risotto into the middle of the egg pancake, shaping it as desired. 


Using a spatula, loosen up the edges of the egg and flip the egg flap closest to the handle over the pile of risotto. Then, tilt the omelette, loose flap first onto a plate. Allow omelette to fall on top of the flap, so that there are no loose edges.


Fix the shape with your hands, and then coat decoratively in the sauce! Just snip off the tip of the plastic bag and use as a makeshift piping bag to go back and forth in a zig zag pattern. Garnish with a little greenery if you so desire.


It’s done!


VERY delicious, much worth the time and effort that went into it. Also worth the burning pain in my eyes as I had to emergency flush them with tap water when I accidentally got curry spice in my eyes. Be careful, folks. Spicy things are…spicy.

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂 Make sure to comment below with questions or ideas of what I should make next. Like this post if you love this show as much as I do! FOOD WARSSS!!! 😀

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