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Purple DRANK from Kaiba

Oh man, my intrepid readers. It has been a long week. A long month. A long quarter! I’m so ready for vacation. My mind wants to sink endlessly into the velvety nothingness of a Netflix binge session. Or, better yet, I would love to marathon the end of Ore Monogatari, which I still have to do!!!

What better way to relax than to drink a very delicious beverage? I recently re-watched one of my favorite anime, Kaiba. Have any of you seen this show? It’s frickin amazing, 10/10, A++ highly recommend. There’s a part of the show where the main character is…**SPOILER ALERT**


So I thought I would recreate the noxious beverage as a salute to my busy busy quarter and my deep, deep need to relax.

kaiba drink 2


The Ingredients (makes 2 drinks)

kaiba drink
  1. 8 0z grape juice, chilled

  2. 3 oz sour apple vodka, chilled


STEP ONE, POUR THE TWO BEVERAGES TOGETHER AND STIR. BAM! YOU’RE DONE! JUST LIKE ME AND MY TOLERANCE FOR SCHOOL. It’s zingy, it’s sour, it’s purple….just what I’d imagine purple poison to taste like.


Happy Holidays. Drink enough of this stuff and it’ll make you cry with sadness, especially if you drink it whilst watching episode 3. Prepare yourself.

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