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Vampire’s Blood from Owari No Seraph (Or any Vampire anime ever)

Halloween is swiftly approaching, and the days are getting more and more spooky. Meanwhile, the new season of Owari No Seraph has just started, and Mika is struggling yet again with his vampire longing for blooooooood. So tragic! Que triste! I’m throwing a Halloween party in a few weeks, so I need a fancy beverage to serve, and this anime gave me a great idea. What if I serve blood at my party?

Eh? Eh? Good idea, right??? Who wouldn’t want a nice goblet full of blood to drink from?

Making blood-like drinks is always kind of difficult. It’s sort of a toss up between getting something with good flavor, or getting something that actually looks like blood. It’s hard to obtain the color whilst still preserving the flavor. After a lot of research, I narrowed it down to two recipes: One that is basically a very loose Jell-O drink, and the other that tasted good, but looked kind of meh. I decided to go with the latter, as drinking a glass full of watered down Jell-O didn’t seem that appealing to me, and I knew I could fix the color with a little food dye.


Poor Mika. Cry evertim. Let’s learn how to drink his blood…


The Ingredients


For the Blood Rim Decoration:

  1. Small amount of Corn Syrup

  2. Small amount of cocoa powder

  3. Red gel food color (liquid would actually be better)

  4. Tiny tiny amount of blue gel food color (liquid would actually be better)

For the Drink:

  1. 1 cup orange juice, no pulp

  2. 1 cup cranberry juice

  3. 1/4 cup raspberry sorbet

  4. 4 oz gin, optional

  5. Splash of soda water/Sprite, optional

Makes 2, 8 oz drinks. For a party batch, use 1 gallon of orange juice, 1 gallon of cranberry juice, and 1 cup of raspberry sorbet. Use 1 liter of club soda or sprite to finish. Original recipe here.


To Make

First, in a wide container, squeeze out about 2-3 tbs corn syrup. Add a small amount of cocoa powder (because blood isn’t really transparent) and a good squeeze of red food coloring to it.


Mix well, and then add in a very small dot of blue food coloring. Seriously, you can always add more, but you won’t be able to take it back. Start small.


Mix, and keep adjusting colors and cocoa powder until you are happy with the color. Sadly, I accidentally deleted my picture of the final product, but you’re aiming for a very blood-like color. Remember that blood isn’t just red, it’s a little dark, which is where the blue comes in. Also, it will look much less concentrated on the rim of your glass, so it’s better to go too dark than not dark enough.

Set that aside, and pull out a 2 cup measuring cup, or larger if you have it. Pour in one cup of orange juice and one cup of cranberry juice. Stir in the 1/4 cup of sorbet until it disappears. If you have liquid food colorant, just drip it in and stir until you reach desired red color. If you are using gel, follow the steps below.


Then, pour out a small amount into a 1/4 cup measure.


Then, on a spoon, measure out a good deal of red food coloring and a smaller amount of blue.


Take another spoon, and dribble a little bit of liquid into the spoon with the food coloring. Using the back of your second spoon, mix the coloring into the liquid in the spoon until the gel is dissolved in the liquid. Then, stir it into the 1/4 cup of liquid, and mix until no gel food coloring particles can be seen. Add the whole thing back to the original batch of liquid, and stir through.


Repeat this process until you reach a color you are happy with, just be careful not to go overboard, as if you use too much food coloring, it will start to change the flavor of the drink. I think in total, I used about 1/2 tsp red and 2 dots or so of blue.


Then, rim your glass in some bloooooood.


Flip the glass straight, and gently tap the bottom on your palm to get the blood drips started.


Now, pour in half the drink mixture. Finish with club soda or Sprite, for a sparkling drink. For an alcoholic drink, pour the mixture over 2 oz of a gin of your choice.




Enjoy! Hope you guys like this recipe, and I hope you can try it out and let me know how you like it 🙂 If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for what I should make next, feel free to leave them in the comments below! Have a great day.

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