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CrunchyRoll Post #3- Final Breakfast from Luluco Space Patrol

This week, we learn how to make Luluco’s final breakfast for her dad. Check out my latest blog post here.


Republished below:

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Luluco’s face here:

Do you all see what I see? That look on her face, that quintessential expression that conveys so clearly what all teenage girls, including myself (back in the day- I’m an adult now, more or less.), think at one time or another about their parents when they’re doing something embarrassing: Can you please not?

Oh my goodness, it’s precious. This is what I love so much about Space Patrol Luluco: It’s fast paced, short, covers the essential elements of the plot (and does it very stylistically) but most importantly the artwork and animation captures the high paced energy and quirky journey of a girl who’s trying to save her dad. In space. With aliens.

The final breakfast she makes for herself and her dad is pretty basic- toast, eggs, and bacon- but not being a breakfast type of person, it’s actually not something I’ve ever made in the past. You see, I hate eggs with a burning passion. I dislike the smell, dislike the taste, and dislike the texture. Sometimes I can eat them, scrambled, with A LOT of cheese and onion. I can eat them in more delicious things, like cakes. But on their own? Never. It’s a tragedy, I know. I wish I liked eggs, but I just don’t. It would make my life a lot easier and my cooking habits a lot cheaper, so trust me, I’m regretful about my inability to eat them with pleasure.

With my hatred of eggs in mind, you may be asking why I chose to recreate this recipe. If my appreciation of the show wasn’t already apparent, what I also loved about this recipe was that it allowed me to step into the shoes of a girl who’s just trying to live a normal life, making a normal breakfast, in a thoroughly abnormal situation, which basically sums up all of our awkward teenage years anyway, doesn’t it?

Are you a cooking beginner? This is the meal for you! Only three ingredients, easy as pie (Actually, have YOU ever tried to make a perfectly flaky pie crust with a fruit filling that doesn’t slurp out everywhere when you cut slices? It’s not that easy.), or easy as any other easy thing that you care to substitute, and the cooking process is a cinch. Here’s what we’re aiming to recreate:

The Ingredients

Serves 1, is easily doubled or tripled, depending on guests

A note on the bread: In the anime, they use pretty typical Japanese white bread, which is basically the same as American white bread but very, very square shaped with much thicker slices. You can pick this up in most Asian bakeries. I do not live near one, so I went with my favorite brand instead.

-1 piece bread

-1-2 pieces bacon

-1 egg

-Oil for the pan

Make the breakfast!

The key to this dish is to prepare everything efficiently and have it all done at once, like Luluco does in the anime. So, to start with, prep the bread. Stick it in the toaster, but don’t start it yet.

Pop out two pans. Turn both to medium heat. Into one, pour a bit of oil, about a teaspoon. Allow both to heat up fully. Then, into the one without oil, pop down the bacon. Allow it to cook through and brown up, about 2 minutes.

While the bacon is cooking, and before you flip it, crack an egg gently into the pan with oil.

Allow the whites to set, and when they’re still clear on the top, place the lid on and allow it to steam. It should take a minute or two to allow them to cook enough to place the lid on. At around this time, you’ll want to flip the bacon. Bear in mind, if you like bacon softer, you might want to give it less cooking time. If you like it crunchy, you’ll want to let it go longer.

Now- Pull the lever, Cronk! What’s that? Don’t have a kind-hearted minion to pull the lever on your toaster to start it? Shame. Anyway, now, while the egg is steaming and the bacon has been flipped, now’s the time to start your toast going.

Right about the time your toast pops up, pull the lid off the egg. The whites should be cooked all the way through, and the edges should be a tad crispy.

At about this time, your bacon should be done. I prefer mine softer, so it’s a bit floppy, but still crisped up and cooked through.

Once your toast is done, plate everything up.

I’ve done it just like it is in the anime, with the toast on a separate plate, but this isn’t really necessary unless you’re trying to faithfully recreate it. I’m not really sure why anyone would want to do that, unless you happened to be running a food blog dedicated to replicating anime food….or perhaps your secret obsession with Space Patrol Luluco is forcing you to recreate the meal to exact specifications, in the hopes that you, too, can freeze your only parent by accident to be free to have crazy adventures.

Uhhh. I think I just made a very poor comparison there. Rest assured, I am not trying to freeze anyone with this meal. The only freezing I’ll accept is the frozen look of delight as everyone samples my food and their lives are magically changed by the joy of what they have just eaten.

Ok, that got off track. Sorry! My mind is rambling. Anyway, plate it up.

Took me about 10 minutes to make, from beginning to finish! This recipe was quick and easy, and though it isn’t exactly rocket science, at the very least you now have a meal to impress your parents, significant other, or your cat with on a lazy Sunday morning.

That’s all for this week! Hope you enjoyed learning how to make eggs and bacon (hopefully you already knew how to make toast, at least). As always, check out more anime recipes from me at Have a great day!

P.S. If you’re wondering, I made my roommate eat the egg and drink the cup of milk in the picture. I don’t like straight milk either.

Be careful running to school with that toast in your mouth! In case you missed it, check out last week’s recipe: Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou‘s crispy, delicious tonkatsu! What dishes would you like to see Emily do next on COOKING WITH ANIME?

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