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A Small Change?

Hi all! Sorry for not posting recently, it has been an absolutely insane final quarter for me. Between working part time, teaching, and being a graduate student, I’ve really been short on time for researching and re-creating recipes.

However, summer is upon us, and with summer comes change! I’m excited to announce that I’ll be doing some writing for over the next three months. It’s basically the same thing I’ve been doing here- writing posts about food from different anime- except that it gets published to Crunchyroll for the first month, and then the post comes home to my blog. I get a small stipend from it, about enough to cover groceries for my blog posts, and I’m really excited for this opportunity!

Does that mean I’ll stop posting as much on here? No. My goal has always been to explore and experiment with as many anime and manga recipes as I possibly can, so with this added assignment and more free time over the summer, I’ll get to try more recipes than every before. Crunchyroll is asking me to cover recipes from shows found on Crunchyroll, but I’ll be covering both Crunchy and non-Crunchy related recipes on this blog still, as much as I can. Basically, this blog will be for food I especially love or find interesting or funny, but might not be as relevant for the Crunchyroll postings. Think of it this way- you’re basically going to be getting 120% the content you normally receive. It’s a win/win!

I’ll be posting the links to each entry as they are published on (every Wednesday night at 5 is the goal), but please check back for Penguin Snacks exclusive recipes.  To celebrate the swift return on Shokugeki no Soma, I’ve got a verrry special recipe coming soon 😉

Thanks for everyone’s continued support! I love experimenting with recipes and trying new things, and I’m just happy that I have readers who can benefit from my experiments. I’m especially looking forward to more time working on this food blog!

Have a great day! 😀

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