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We gettin’ spooooooky on the blog today. Everyone knows of Madoka, and especially of the fate that befalls the girls who sign the magical girl contract with Kyubey. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, skip down to the recipe or get spoiled! You have been warned.

Anyway, as Halloween draws every closer, I thought I’d get really scary and make the dessert associated with the Witch Charlotte from Madoka. Charlotte is the Witch who, er, snacks on Mami, everyone’s favorite magical girl (That is, until she dies an abrupt death in episode 3…). Charlotte is the Witch who loves sweet foods, but even looking at her lair this dessert doesn’t immediately leap to mind, I’ll grant you that. Have you ever heard of a dessert called a Charlotte before??? Me neither, till I did some spooky anime Halloween research.

A Charlotte is a French dessert, typically, made with mousse and lady fingers. You actually see a wall of Charlotte cake in the Witch’s lair, as a backdrop for one of the scenes.

At first, I thought this was just a backdrop of Strawberry Cake, as we all know how much the Japanese like Strawberry Cake. But it didn’t quite look like a real Strawberry Cake, and it turns out that Charlotte cakes, similarly to Strawberry Cakes, are often made with strawberries and layers of sponge cake. The only real difference is that, instead of whipped cream, the filling is a creamy, rich mousse.

This is very exciting! I’d never made mousse before, so was very intrigued. The prospect of eating the dessert form of the thing that had killed Mami is spooky enough, but the invitation to try out mousse was irresistible. Thus, I made a Charlotte Cake. (P.S. if the prospect of making mousse scares you, don’t worry, it was surprisingly simple!)

The Ingredients

  1. 3 packages of lady fingers

  2. 800 grams fresh Strawberries

  3. 2 egg yolks

  4. 7 tbs sugar

  5. 2 tsp vanilla extract

  6. 6.5 fluid ounces of milk

  7. 4 tsp gelatin

  8. 2 cups whipping cream

  9. Jam of your choice

You will also need an 8-10 inch round springform pan.

Making the Charlotte

Begin by washing, de-leafing, and pureeing 400 grams of strawberries. I just threw in the berries one by one, pulse blending them for a second at a time as I de-leafed them.

In a saucepan over NO heat, whisk your eggs, sugar, and vanilla together.

Whisk in your strawberry puree.

Pour your milk into a second saucepan over med-low heat. Sprinkle over gelatin, and whisk together until milk heats through and gelatin completely dissolves.

Then, pour the milk mixture into the strawberry mixture, turn the heat on under the entire mixture, stir until all combined and let cook through over med-low heat for about 4-5 minutes, stirring constantly.

Once it’s done, take off the heat and stick it in the freezer to cool, whisking every few minutes.

Move onto lining your pan with the ladyfingers. The ones I found were pretty sad looking, and hopefully you will have better luck. Nonetheless, line your pan all the way around with lady fingers, and put a layer down on the bottom.

Then, brush this generously all over the ladyfingers to moisten them.

With about half of your remaining strawbs, hull and halve them, laying them around the first layer of ladyfingers cut side down.

Set that aside, and whip up some cream to stiff peaks. I overdid mine a little, but you’re looking for peaks that stick straight up when you lift the beater out of the mixture and turn it upside down. Don’t let it go too far- I almost lost mine, and if you over-whip it, it turns to butter.

Once the strawberry mixture has cooled completely (and I mean it, not even a little warm), pour it into the whipped cream and fold them together, until everything is evenly combined.

Pour enough of the mousse on top of the strawberries in your pan, just enough to cover them.

Then, repeat. Lay down more lady fingers, sponge with jam, arrange more halved strawberries, and finish it off with more mousse.

Set the whole thing in the fridge for at least 4 hours to set. You may have extra mousse- I did, and I used an 8 inch pan. You can easily store the mousse in an air-tight container and enjoy later with some chocolate sauce or whipped cream.

Once it’s set, decorate with any remaining strawberries, pop off the outer ring, and enjoy!

Enjoy! I hope you can try it out, and I hope you enjoy eating it! I loved it, and my roommates gobbled it up. If you have any questions or concerns, comment below, and if you have any suggestions for what I should make next, please let me know!

Have fun getting ready for Halloween! Don’t forget to like this post and follow me if you are interested in learning how to make more yummy treats 🙂

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